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Access Billing

Meet Point Billing

Tandem Transient Billing

Switched and Special Access Billing

Various Other Billing Arrangements

What ACM offers its clients:
  • We develop and modify our billing system software to read the company's usage records and to produce access bills customized to the company's requirements.
  • Our billing tables are populated with company-specific factors (PIU, LUP, Mileage, BIP, Rate, etc.). We update factor and rate changes as they occur.
  • We have developed comprehensive summary reports as required for Accounting, Separations, etc.
  • We have developed an extensive validation process, bringing much more to the table than simply a computer service bureau.
On a Monthly Basis, we receive:
  • Access usage records via magnetic tape or electronic transmission.
  • Usage records include end office-recorded records in Bell AMA format and tandem-recorded records in Exchange Message Record format.
  • Payment and finance charge information.
  • Private line additions, changes and disconnections.
  • End user billing information required for Billing and Collection.
  On a Monthly basis, we:
  • Process the records.
  • Apply the ACM validation processes.
  • Calculate, print and mail the meet point access bills.
  • Produce non-meet point bills for any direct routed customers.
  For more information on Access Billing services contact Mark Ferri at (518) 374-5720 or by .
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